Conquer Roller Trainers provide a great workout and are perfect for improving your cycling form! Yet, if you are new to roller trainers, there may be some things to get used to, like how much vibration you experience. Keep in mind there will always be some vibration from your trainer. Happily, there are a few things one can do to alleviate and reduce the vibration experienced. 

  • Look at your set up. Be sure you're on as solid a floor as possible, if you have a choice about it. Consider setting up on a slab floor like found in a garage or basement. Sometimes just moving from the second floor to the first floor will help as well. 
  • Use a carpet remnant or an exercise equipment mat under the roller trainer.
  • Increase the weight of your bike by adding full water bottles to the water bottle holders or adding an item to your rear rack.
  • Reduce the air pressure in your tires. This will help with the roller trainer vibration AND will give you a better work out!
  • A good pair of cycling gloves and good grip tape are two very good ways to keep your comfort level up while riding on rollers or the road. 
  • Be sure you're using the correct arm, hand and saddle position for your riding style and body type. If you have questions about this, visit your local bike shop to ask the experts there if there are ways you can improve this by adjusting your seat or handlebars.
  • Use the trainer's adjustable feet paired with a bubble level to ensure the unit is even from both side to side and front to back.

We hope this is helpful. Thank you for reading!